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Sacramento Family Services - Anger ManagementA straightforward idea that is so simple, yet means so much; emotionally secure families, less violence in homes, and fewer people sleeping on the streets. Changing Passage has set a goal to help individuals, couples, and children in Sacramento and surrounding counties by providing attainable, realistic solutions to build and maintain healthy relationships and stable lives.Life can sometimes seem overwhelming when your daily activities are impacted by stress, addiction, a specific problem or circumstance. In many cases, the best way to find solutions is with professional counseling literature review. Changing Passage can help you find a passage to resolution and relief through counseling and educational services for adults, children, couples, and families.Call Changing Passage at 916-985-4887, today. Our professional staff will answer any questions you have about classes, services, or individual counseling. Now is the time to get started. Our Intake Specialist or one of our Counselors will ask you a few brief questions, and will be able to make an intake appointment with a Certified Counselor to discuss your needs and concerns.Ask about our ACCELERATED courses!
Call Changing Passage at 916-985-4887    2377 Gold Meadow Way, Gold River, CA 95670
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