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Changing Passage, Inc., has recently developed a course for adolescents that are involved in a bullying situation.  This course is designed to empower the victim and to increase empathy and emotional intelligence in the bully.

According to the National Institutes of Health, thirty percent (30%) of U.S. students in grades six through ten are involved in moderate or frequent bullying — as bullies, as victims, or as both.  Surveys show that 77% of students are bullied mentally, verbally, & physically.  Eight percent (8%) of students miss one day of class per month for fear of bullies.

Children that are bullied are more likely to suffer depression and self-esteem issues throughout their lives.  Bullying is no longer considered a “right of passage.”  Bullying is now considered a gateway to more violent behavior.  Many domestic violence offenders have admitted to being a bully when during their youth.  The study authors also reported that bullies were more likely to be involved in other problem behaviors, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, and to do more poorly academically.

Bullying is increasing and Thirty-nine percent (39%) of middle school students and thirty-six percent (36%) of high school students say they don’t feel safe at school.  This trend must be addressed both individually and school wide.

The Victimized Student will learn the tools and techniques to recognize an imbalance of power within their relationships and classmate encounters.  Your child will learn how to address the problem of bullying in a direct, effective manner that will help them to regain their power.

The Bullying Student will learn techniques of anger management, empathy, and compassion, plus gain a better understanding of how their actions affect the lives and futures of others.  The consequences of continued bullying will also be addressed.

Onsite Workshops

Changing Passage, Inc., also offers an “on campus” course available to schools and organizations that may be experiencing bullying.  This two hour course can be tailored to the specific needs of your campus.  This program can be tailored to sports teams, youth organizations, childcare, and academic settings.

Researchers in Norway and England have shown that school intervention programs can be successful. These programs focused on increasing awareness of bullying, increasing teacher and parent supervision, establishing clear rules prohibiting bullying, and providing support and protection for those being bullied.  Changing Passage, Inc., will address these issues and provide suggestions for staff personnel to decrease  incidents of bullying. 

Please call to schedule an appointment or workshop.