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Many times, divorced or separated parents are in a high conflict situation.  The court strives for both parents to be active and present in the lives of their children.  Evidence has shown that children with both parents working in a cooperative manner allow the child or children to feel supported and loved, therefore providing more nurturing, stable home environments and better outcomes in school and future relationships.

Parents may utilize Co-Parenting Counseling to learn to better communicate and work cooperatively.  These sessions are facilitated with both parents present with an end goal of working as a parenting team, much like working with a co-worker on a project.  Past issues may be discussed and trust may be rebuilt.  The goal is not to reconcile the parents, but instead have them put the needs of the child first, realizing that only they can change their own behavior and not the behavior of the other parent.  Working cooperatively happens through better communication and acceptance of the other parent’s role in the life of the child.