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Therapy for OCD, Anxiety, Depression, and Hoarding


At Changing Passage, our trainee therapist and her supervisor have extensive experience working with individuals that have been diagnosed OCD, experiencing anxiety, depression, and hoarding. Through the use of Exposure and Ritual Prevention (ERP) techniques, which are based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), combined with psychotherapy and mindfulness, successful therapy can be achieved. While this outcome can be enhanced with the implementation of medications, we have found that many people benefit from therapy alone. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) changes the patterns of thinking (cognitions) that prevent an individual from overcoming their fears. The behavioral component aids an individual to come in contact with and begin to conquer their fear or fears.  Facing one’s fear is done through Exposure and Ritual Prevention Therapy (ERP) and which systematically desensitizes an individual’s fears.  The combination of these two treatments is effective and produces success in overcoming fears, therefore, allowing individuals to recognize their distorted thinking.  Approaching fears and worries in a systematic hierarchy through techniques acquired during therapy sessions empowers the individual to manage and live comfortably with the stimuli that once made them feel paralyzed.