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Changing Passage, Inc., provides drug and alcohol evaluations to individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addictions and their families.  The drug and alcohol evaluation is designed to determine if there is a serious problem with their use of drugs and alcohol and if so, what would be the best course of treatment for the individual.   The purpose of such a drug and alcohol evaluation is to figure out what your unique situation is, because every drug addiction and alcohol addiction is unique.  By evaluating your addiction, an outpatient counselor can help you determine which detoxification and/or rehabilitation programs will best guarantee your success.  Changing Passage, Inc., will use this drug and alcohol evaluation in order to custom tailor a program to your needs.  We believe that this is the best possible way to ensure that you walk out of our office completely successful and addiction free.

The evaluation can be court ordered or voluntary.  Standard and Forensic Drug and Alcohol Evaluations are available.  Changing Passage, Inc., uses the ASI (Alcohol Severity Index) Tool for evaluations.  This is an accepted evaluation nation wide.

Standard Drug and Alcohol Evaluation                                      $450.00

Forensic Drug and Alcohol Evaluation                    Starting at  $1200.00


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