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Help Sponsor Needy Family Holiday Meals  DONATE!

Changing Passage, Inc. is asking YOUR help in sponsoring five (5) families of need for both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. These families of need will be selected from families nominated by YOU, our generous donors! Your donation is tax deductible and you will receive a letter of donation receipt with our Tax ID #.

Whatever amount you chose to donate will help us to make memorable holiday dinners for five families; $5, $10, $15, $20 or MORE! The amount donated to each family will depend how many mouths they will be feeding this holiday. Most of us have fond memories of happy holiday family gatherings including all the trimmings. Affording a family of need to not worry about stretching their food budget to provide a traditional, memorable, stress free holiday is our goal.

If you know of a family of need, please write a narrative (300 word minimum) of why YOU feel the family you suggest would benefit from this opportunity and why Changing Passage should sponsor their holiday meals.  Send your nomination to this email:

Visit our Website: to make your donation online. Thank you for reaching into your pocket to make someone else’s holiday! Momma always said giving will come back to you, tenfold.

A NEW and EXCITING Fundraising Event is in Development…. STAY TUNED!

Donations are always welcome!

Tax ID# 26-3729060
Call Changing Passage at 916-985-4887, today for more information or tickets.