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Family Services:

• Parents discover new ways to nurture their children
• Individuals, couples, and families benefit from many available counseling services
• Supports recovery in addictive behaviors and habits
• Helps abusive partners learn new behavior to stop angry or disrespectful communication
• Helps homeless families secure housing and find stability in their lives

Through the support of the community, we can end family homelessness, end or control addictive behaviors, stop violence in homes, and build emotionally healthy families.

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Changing Passage has set a goal to help individuals, couples, and children in Sacramento County by providing attainable, realistic solutions to build and maintain healthy relationships and stable lives.
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Life-Skills Classes:

Life-Skills are the skills necessary for successful living. Changing Passage aids clients in achieving the highest level of personal satisfaction through social skills, good health, self-development and confidence in interacting with other people in such areas as family, school, job, and in your relationship with others.

It also covers the areas of leisure, community, spirituality, and any other area of your life, especially those which interact with other people.
To get the best out of life, and to become the best you can be, it is necessary to have good manners and respect – respect for your family, your friends, your local community, the wider community, and the government, and when you have this, you will most likely find a healthy respect for yourself.

During the Life-skills program, participants will:

• Establish positive goal-directed behavior patterns
• Understand the process that is necessary to change negative behavior
• Develop critical cognitive thinking skills
• Discover how to dress for success
• Make a personal commitment to be a law-abiding citizen

Call Changing Passage at 916-985-4887, today.

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