Healthy Lifestyle. Happy Family

Benefits to the Child:

  • Reducing anxiety and stress as parental conflict decreases
  • Encouraging two actively involved parents
  • Eliminating the need to choose between parents
  • Creating a healthier home atmosphere
  • Reducing the likelihood of future concerns such as drug dependency, promiscuity, disrespect, poor school achievement
  • Helping a child to feel secure and accepted


Benefits to the Parents:

  • Acknowledgement of the children’s needs as the main priority
  • Effective communication and conflict resolution techniques
  • Understanding the importance of parental bonds with both parents
  • Assessing and meeting the child’s needs and feelings
  • Fostering personal responsibility for each individual’s actions
  • Recognition of the long-term benefits of Co-Parenting
  • Managing the financial responsibilities of both parents
  • Understanding the child will not come from a single home, but from two parents living in separate homes


The Co Parenting Classes will include:

  • Emotional effects of divorce or separation
  • Emotional and behavioral reactions to divorce by children
  • Parenting issues relating to specific developmental stages
  • Stress indicators in children
  • Communication styles and tools
  • Family stabilization through relationship development
  • Holiday planning and preparation
  • Visitation and transition topics
  • Financial responsibilities of parenting
  • Conflict, anger management, and Family violence
  • Spousal abuse
  • Child abuse and neglect
  • Community resources and services