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Parenting Classes:

The joy of parenting is matched by many challenges. New parents face physical and emotional changes. Parents with young, pre-teen, and teenage children face a rollercoaster full of difficult decisions and emotions. Parents occasionally need direction and techniques to support their goals and values.

Changing Passage offers classes to help you and your family navigate the challenges of parenthood and delight in all the joys that children bring! Our parenting skills classes will help you with the toughest job in the world. Children don’t come with a handbook. Good parenting requires the ability to be strong and effective in the parenting role, while remaining sensitive and responsive to children’s needs, feelings, and motivations.



Parenting classes can help you find:

• New ways to communicate with your child
• A greater understanding of your child’s emotions and how to help them cope
• Effective ways to respond to your child’s behavior
• Awareness of how you impact your child’s development
• More confidence and consistency as a parent


This innovative workshop provides parents with a model that helps parents explore their children’s thoughts, feelings and motivations as well as their own. This process helps parents understand and respond to their children’s behaviors in appropriate and sensitive ways. This is an effective way to help parents build stronger and more positive relationships with their children.
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